Our history

Technologies Ecofixe came into being in 2009 from an idea of its founder, Jacques Labrecque. Working in wastewater treatment for over 15 years, Mr. Labrecque regularly had to deal with wastewater problems, especially related to aerated lagoons. This inspired him to develop innovative solutions to improve the sanitation performance of existing facilities.

It was very important to him to offer an affordable, high-performance system that would meet clients’ needs, whether they are municipal or industrial. He was able to pass on his energy and passion for environmental protection to future generations to ensure they have access to clean and safe water.

The company was officially co-founded in 2014 by Mr. Labrecque and his daughter Marisol, now the company's CEO.

Today, Technologies Ecofixe guides its development according to these important values and provides solutions that can be adapted to a variety of problems pertaining to wastewater treatment. Whether it’s a new facility or an existing one, a competent, skilled, flexible, and attentive team will attend to your needs in order to achieve your objectives in terms of wastewater treatment.

Our values

Respect of the environment

Technologies Ecofixe provides high-performance solutions that increase the capacity of our clients’ facilities, by maximizing the use of green materials, increasing energy efficiency, and reducing wastewater at the source, without using chemicals. The goal is to meet and even surpass environmental standards.

Client care

Technologies Ecofixe recommends a comprehensive approach that starts with an analysis at the source. We strongly believe that in order to meet your needs, it is crucial that our team has an in-depth understanding of all of your activities.

Aware of the challenges that the installation of a wastewater treatment system presents, Technologies Ecofixe provides a comprehensive approach with a main focus on your needs. Support is provided at every level for each of the services offered.


Technologies Ecofixe aims to innovate and constantly improve its solutions in order to offer new products and value-added solutions to its clients. Just as the importance placed on sustainable development permeates each of the values of our business, innovation is a major driver that motivates our seasoned team in serving its clients and the environment.

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Our expertise

Technologies Ecofixe specializes in biological wastewater treatment. We develop and design systems that prioritize treatment performance and positive impacts, providing municipalities and industries with cost-effective, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient solutions.

Whether it’s to breathe new life into an existing installation or optimize the efficiency of a new facility

the ECOFIXE and BIOFIXE solutions developed by Technologies Ecofixe can adapt to various types of treatments such as:

  • aerated lagoons;
  • lagoons;
  • sequencing batch reactors (SBRs);
  • oxidation ditches;
  • activated sludge.

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